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My Summerhouse commission

Loved every minute of it!

An Idea Is Born

When a certain lady, an art historian and lover of Italy  approached me to ask if I would be prepared to paint a mural for her summerhouse retreat, I first of all thought it would be on a large canvas. 

However as I thought about it, it made sense to paint it on  wooden panels to be fixed to the walls and insulated thus preventing it being damaged by any damp.  Also transport would be less of a problem.

As the summerhouse had been extended on one side, the walls were not equal therefore I used eight panels of various sizes.

Preparing the  boards with damp proofing then two coats of gesso before I could even begin!

This  view above is one of the side panel views 

Ready for transport

Each panel wrapped and ready to load into vehicle for transport to its new home.

Art Work for Sale and Commissions undertaken

If you are interested in buying any of my artwork, please contact me via the Contact Form at the end of my website.

Similarly if you wish to commission any work  please use the Contact Form.